I’m running because a recent poll found that 85% of Americans think our country is on the wrong track. (AP poll June 29, 2022). Inflation is out of control. Eversource customers have seen the rates for the energy portion of their electric bills double beginning August 1, 2022. America is no longer energy independent. Instead we are the mercy of our hostile countries such as Russia to supply enough oil to limit skyrocketing prices. Our open southern borders are allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal entries into our country. I don't recall voting for a policy that would allow total disregard for our immigration laws, do you? On the political left we have demands to dismantle America as we know it. We’ve had previews of their vision on the evening news with rioting, destruction, shootings, private citizens being arrested for attempting to protect their personal property, demands for defunding police, and for replacing our Constitutional right to free speech with a right to not be offended by someone.

Joe Biden wants to take away your second amendment right to protect yourself against this violence. If he were to listen to you, would you suggest this might be a bad time to persuade We the People to give up our weapons of self-defense? Should the rule of law be interpreted as simply a suggestion rather than a key to America’s system to provide fairness and justice? Do you think the “Green New Deal” which implies that we must revert to Stone Age technologies and energy sources is our best path forward? When in history has this “government-is-the-answer-to-all-problems” path to socialism ended well? And why do those on the left insist on dividing us based on our different skin colors, ethnicities, sexual preferences, gender rather than focusing on our commonalities as American human beings? Does that everyone-is-a-victim mentality produce a bright future?

Contrast that with the political right where the rule of law, constitutionally-guaranteed rights, and treating all humans equally are core beliefs. Is it any wonder that optimism reigns? Yes, last January’s record levels of employment and prosperity have been interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, but the policies and leadership that got us there will almost certainly return America to those levels and beyond. Thank goodness for Republican Governor Sununu efforts during the past two years to keep NH great. He vetoed 67 misguided NH Democrat bills including: a state income tax; a 66% increase in NH’s minimum wage from $7.25 to $12 that would have eliminated thousands of entry-level jobs; an increase in NH Business Enterprise tax rates that would have forced struggling NH employers to pay even higher “sales tax on wages”; and net metering which would have raised NH’s suffocating electric rates even further.


These are exciting times for those who want to help rebuild NH and America to pre-pandemic greatness. In public education for example, the pandemic forced an on-the-fly examination of some antiquated practices. In the 21st century there are myriad opportunities to develop educational systems that truly focus on students without requiring large numbers of adults and children to gather in a central location each day.

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Why Free Enterprise Trumps Socialism

Socialism is based on the assumption that “government knows best”. Capitalism on the other hand, features free enterprise as in, “private citizens know best”.

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Constitutionally-Guaranteed Rights - Free Speech, Bear Arms, Religion

We are a nation of laws, unique in our "government of the people". Yet in recent years our Constitution has been "re-imagined" in ways that threaten the foundations of our society. Freedom of speech and religion, and the right to bear arms are simple enough concepts. Yet all three seem to be on the brink of extinction in America. Let's not allow that to happen.

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